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All schools should work towards providing quality education to the childrens with their utmost commitment – Collector Dr. Fariha Alam

Sarangarh-Bilaigarh Collector Dr. Fariha Alam Siddiqui took a review meeting of the Education Department at Swami Atmanand English Medium School in Sarangarh. During the meeting, the Collector spoke on various topics to further improve the quality of education in the district. collector had recently made a report of the schools in the district, on the basis of the that report, she shared that out of 108 schools in the district, two or three schools in each block have 100 percent result, five to six schools have 90 percent result and apart from that there are many schools where the result is less than 70 percent and there are some schools whose result is less than 30 percent. Out of 32 schools in Sarangarh block, there are 5 schools in which the result is below 30 percent, which is very sad. Collector added – it is a matter of great concern in today’s time, no parents will sent their child in such schools. It’s very disheartening that we are giving only 30 to 40 percent to those institutions from where we get our bread and butter. Just think for a moment, what are we giving to the childrens? it should be our moral responsibility to improve this percentage as soon as possible.

While addressing the education department officials, collector said that we should work on improving the result to 90 percent of each school. The average percentage of 108 schools in the district is around 55 percent which is not satisfactory. In the upcoming three months all the teachers should timely complete the syllabus of their subject and do their work with full of honesty and integrity, and the result should be visible in the upcoming 10th and 12th board exams. She added; The teachers in school should help the students realise their potential, so that young minds can channelise it to realise their dreams. Problems and challenges are always there, but we have to focus on our work. There are chances that we will not reach that certain goal we have decided but we must put our heart and blood in our efforts.

Collector pointed out the role of a teacher. she said that if any of your student brings good result in the examination or achieved something in life or doing something extra-ordinary in their respective field then it is a matter of great pride for the teacher. That is why the job of a teacher is immensly satisfying. Your only job is to educate, you just do this one thing with full of your zeal and commitment and aim that the result of your school should be more than 90 percent.

She further said that the society where we came from, we have the only option for a child to move forward in life is good education. If the child does not get good education, then he can be of no use. Without getting proper education, how can he understand his goals/ objectives in life, whether it is sports, music, artform, business or any other technical course.

Every parent in this world wish for quality education for their child. they wish to get their admission in good schools so that the children can get better exposure, we have to keep the same feeling for the children of those schools where we are giving education, we have to treat them as our own child, then automatically the results of the schools will improve.

The Collector said that every collector have their area of interest, my area of interest is Education. Therefore she herself will make whatever necessary efforts at her level to improve the quality of education. she added that she will visit the schools on upcoming days and continuous assessment will be made by her end for the betterment of the schools to further improve the quality of education in the district.

Additional Collector Nishtha Pandeya Tiwari, District Education Officer Daisy Rani Jangde, assistant professors Rameshwar Prasad Jangde and Mukesh kurre, along with all the principals of the district and all the teachers of the education department were present in the meeting.

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