Those who shop on YouTube will get this special feature

The online video platform Youtube is going to bring a new feature to its users soon. Through this feature, users will now be able to purchase the product directly from the advertisement appearing in the middle of the video. That is, now Youtube users will not have to search any other shopping website for the product appearing during the video. If a user likes a product while watching a video, then online shopping can also be done at the same time. A shopping bag icon will be visible to users in the middle of the YouTube video. You will be able to purchase by clicking on it.
Currently, only a few users get the fac
It is worth noting that Youtube is currently using these features on some Android, iOS and web users in the US. YouTube’s testing of this feature has been shared on the Google Support page. According to YouTube, the user will be given the option to buy the product through video. In this way, the company will be able to develop its platform like a shopping channel.
This is how you can shop through YouTube
– Users will get shopping bag icon in Youtube video
– Below the video will be the shopping bag icon in the left corner.
– With its help, users can see the products.
– You will not have to go to different websites to buy goods that appear on YouTube.
– With the introduction of the new shopping button of Youtube, this task will be made easier.
– Youtube asked creators to track the product feature in tags and videos to Youtube software.