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Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has written a letter to the Union Home Minister Amit Shah

The Chief Minister has further addressed necessary tips and solutions to eliminate the issue of Naxalism from Bastar region

Steel plants of Bastar should get iron ore at 30% discount: This will lead to increased investment and employment opportunities among youth

Large number of solar power plants to be set up in Bastar

Generous grants should be provided for the establishment of minor forest produce, forest medicine processing units and cold chains

Support to be provided by the Center for the Bodhghat Multipurpose Irrigation Project on Indravati River

The District Collectors should be provided with at least Rs 50 crore every year to develop means of livelihood in the aspiring districts

In a letter addressed to the Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah, the Chief Minister of the state Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has jotted down some important suggestions, to eradicate the issue of Naxalism from its roots in the Bastar Region. He has further emphasized the fact that to deal with the Maoist crisis, it’s quintessential to create a large number of employment opportunities in the affected areas, along with the ongoing strategy, so that the unemployed are not forced to join the Naxal groups.

To provide employment on a large scale in Naxal affected areas, Mr Baghel has suggested that iron ore is available in abundance in Bastar. Thereby, if 30% discount is provided in iron ore for the establishment of steel plants in Bastar, it will generate hundreds of crores worth of investment, thus providing direct and indirect employment opportunities in the remote areas.

Grid power has not yet reached large parts of the remote region, concerning the difficult geographical terrains. With the establishment of a large number of solar power plants, the energy needs of people and their economic development can be met strategically.

The Chief Minister has also mentioned in his letter that, small forest produce, forest medicines and many types of horticultural crops are present in the forest areas. But with the inadequacy of processing and sale, the collectors are not able to avail its fullest benefits. There is an urgent and indispensable need to provide generous grants for the establishment of processing units and cold chains in these areas.

Likewise, the implementation of the proposed Bodhghat multipurpose irrigation project on the banks of Indravati river will improve the irrigational and energy capacity is a major part of Bastar region and therefore,

assistance from the Central Government will aid in the establishment of this project. He further elaborates stating that, there is no separate financial grant from the Central Government to the Aspirational Districts at present. The seven districts of Bastar region of the state are identified as aspiring districts. It would be in the best interest, that district collector should be provided with an amount of Rs 50 crore each year, for the development of the means of livelihood of the people.

Drawing the attention of the Union Home Minister in the letter, the Chief Minister has written that concerning the efforts being made by the Chhattisgarh Government towards the elimination of the Naxal Crisis, with a letter written by the CM on September 03, 2020, he was able to garner the attention of the Union Home Minister on some important topics.

Out of the 07 additional CRPF battalions allocated in the state in 2018, 05 battalions were immediately directed to be deployed in the Bastar region. As per the information I’ve received, a special recruitment rally of the Army is being considered in Bastar division in March 2021 to render national service and provide employment opportunities to the youth of Bastar. With your kind initiative on both of these subjects, we will reach a decisive edge in the anti-Naxal campaign.

In the past years, the Government of India has generously provided assistance to the Naxalite affected states for the development of security forces, modernization, infrastructure construction and communication tools, which have yielded positive results.

Chief Minister Mr Baghel has affirmed in the letter, that if the above suggestions are taken into implementation, it will aid in the elimination of Naxalism within the next few years in the Bastar Zone. It’s a humble request to kindly provide the maximum possible help from the centre for the smooth implementation of all the above stated activities.

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