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Chhattisgarh shares first rank with Andhra Pradesh for highest GST collection in the country

GST Collection in October month this year increases by 26percent , as compared to the collection in October month last year

Economy of Chhattisgarh is flourishing despite corona crisis

Raipur, 02 November 2020

GST collection this year in the month of October is 26% more than the GST collection in October month of year 2020. Chhattisgarh has secured first rank in the country in terms of the increase in GST collection. Chhattisgarh is sharing the first rank with Andhra Pradesh. As per the list issued by Union Finance Ministry, GST collection in the State in October,2019 was Rs 1570 crore, whereas in October 2020, the GST collection has increased to Rs 1974 crore. GST collection in October, 2020 has increased by Rs 404 crore as compared to October, 2019.
Far-sighted decisions taken under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel to maintain the growth of state’s economy during corona crisis have yielded pleasant results. Even during the lockdown period, economy activities in rural and forest areas continued. Under Kisaan Nyay Yojana, 19 lakh farmers of the state have been receiving payment for paddy procurement in regular intervals. On the occasion of Rajyotsav, Rs 1500 crore was transferred into the accounts of farmers as the third installment of the scheme. Two installments of Rs 1500 crore each have been provided to the farmers in the past. Under Godhan Nyay Yojana as well, nearly Rs 40 crore has been paid to the farmers and cattle ranchers for dung procurement in gauthans.
On Panchayat and Rural Development and GST Minister Mr. TS Singhdeo’s initiative, large number of people in rural areas was provided employment under MNREGA during corona crisis. This has helped in strengthening rural economy. Improvement in spending power of people has benefited the industrial and commerce sector as well. Meanwhile, procurement of forest produce by self-help groups also continued in forest regions. 30% concession was provided on government guideline rates on land transactions to keep the real estate sector active. Automobile sector has also performed well. During lockdown, production in steel industries and work in coal mine also went on uninterrupted.

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