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Tendupatta collectors earn income of nearly Rs 389 crore

Heavy inflow of ‘green gold’ despite the corona crisis

Till date, 58 percent of the tendupatta collection target achieved

Raipur, 05 July 2020/ Corona crisis may have affected nation’s economy, but it has rained ‘green gold’ in the forests of Chhattisgarh during this time. Even during lockdown, tendupatta collection went on in full swing. In the current season, 9 lakh 72 thousand 697 standard sacks of tendupatta have been collected against the target of 16 lakh 71 thousand standard sacks. This way 58% of the target has been achieved and tendupatta collectors have earned Rs 389 crore as income so far.
Right from the beginning of corona crisis, State Government as per the instructions of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel ensured that agriculture and forest based economic activities does not affected during the lockdown. Proper strategy was chalked out after assessing the challenges arising in tendupatta collection in the new season. Right from tendupatta collection to the storage processm all the works were done by engaging local labourers. This way, local labourers got better employment opportunities as compared to other season. Other than agriculture, economic activities in forest areas were also conducted with due precautions including compulsory physical distancing and masks. As State Government hiked tendupatta collection rates to Rs 4000 per standard sack, collection work in this season was conducted with great enthusiasm. Soon after lockdown was called off and the unlock began, collection work has also picked up pace. It is noteworthy that tendupatta found in Chhattisgarh is considered to be of the best quality in the country.
State Government has directed officials concerned to ensure timely payment to all the tendupatta collection workers in the internal areas. Places, where transferring funds through banks is not possible, the workers should be paid in cash. According to the information received from Chhattisgarh State Small Forest Produce Cooperative Union, 81 thousand 998 standard sacks of tendu leaves have been collected in the district union Bijapur so far. Similarly, 41 thousand 83 standard bags in Sukma, 3 thousand 611 standard bags in Dantewada and 11 thousand 819 standard bags of tendupatta have been collected in Jagdalpur. 11 thousand 485 standard bags in South Kondagaon, 16 thousand 654 standard bags in Keshkal, 12 thousand 664 standard bags in Narayanpur, 82 thousand 126 standard bags in East Bhanupratappur, 67 thousand 743 standard bags in West Bhanupratappur and 28 thousand 643 standard bags of tendupatta have been collected in Kanker.
Likewise, 59 thousand 590 standard sacks have been collected in Rajnandgaon district district, 28 thousand 409 standard bags in Khairagarh, 16 thousand 298 standard bags in Balod and 20 thousand 292 standard bags in Kawardha have been collected. 19 thousand 13 standard bags in Dhamtari, 58 thousand 428 standard bags in Gariaband, 51 thousand 856 standard bags in Mahasamund, 13 thousand 641 standard bags tendupatta have been collected at Balodabazar. 14 thousand 20 standard bags in District Union Bilaspur, 11 thousand 526 standard bags in Marwahi, 3 thousand 445 standard bags in Janjgir-Champa, 26 thousand 986 standard bags in Raigarh, 54 thousand 284 standard bags in Dharamajigarh, 33 thousand 459 standards in Korba. 36 thousand 424 standard bags of tendu leaves have been collected in Bora and Katghora. Besides, collection of 15 thousand 350 standard bags in Jashpurnagar, 25 thousand 324 standard bags in Manendragarh, 21 thousand 145 standard bags in Korea, 19 thousand 79 standard bags in Surguja, 49 thousand 892 in Balrampur and 36 thousand 395 standard bags in Surajpur. has been done.

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