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OPDs of Specialists being held under Chief Minister Urban Slum Health, Specialists of 12 departments providing free treatment

Specialists of various departments have provided free medical treatment in 229 slum areas till date
Health Department’s mobile medical team holds regular camps in 1628 slums, 2.16 lakh people provided treatment till date
Raipur, 4 February 2020/
State Government has added a new dimension to Chief Minister Urban Slum Health Scheme. In addition to the regular camps by mobile medical teams in slum areas, now specialists of various departments have started to provide free medical treatment to people. In 13 municipal corporations of the states, services of the specialists from 12 different departments are being provided. To provide specialist medical services to patients in slum areas, Health Department is associating maximum number of specialists to the scheme.
To provide quality health services to all the citizens, State Government is providing free check-up and treatment facilities to people along with the existent health services. After providing OPD services of renowned super-specialists in District Hospitals, State Government has decided to provide expert medical advice to people in slums, under Chief Minister Urban Slum Health Scheme. From the time of inauguration to till date, nearly 2 lakh 16 thousand people have been provided medical treatment at 3233 camps held in the urban areas of the state. Heald Department’s mobile medical team is reaching out to nearly 1628 slums regularly to provide medical treatment.
Under Chief Minister Urban Slum Health Scheme, free treatment services and medicines are being provided in government and private hospitals in 12 Municipal Corporations of the state by Orthopedics, Dermatologists, Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Dentistry, Diabetologist, ENT specialist, Oncologist, Neurologists, MD Medicine. In the camps held in slum areas, medical tests facility for pregnant women, malaria, HIV, diabetes, anemia, tuberculosis, leprosy, hypertension, eye-test is provided along with vaccination for children.
Under the scheme, malaria test of total 8723 people, blood pressure test of 49 thousand 517, blood test of 29,042 people for diabetes, anemia test of 16,617, eye test of 3851 people, TB test of 351 people, leprosy test of 391 people , HIV test of 1753 people, and medical test of 3852 pregnant women and vaccination of 936 children has been done in the last four months by mobile medical teams. In these camps, more than two thousand patients of diarrhea have been treated. Total one lakh 15 thousand people have been provided check-up, treatment and free medicines at the camps.
From the inauguration of this scheme on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on October 2, total two lakh 15 thousand 777 have been provided medical treatment. In this duration, mobile medical teams have done check-up, treatment and distributed free medicines to 99,475 people in Bilaspur Municipal Corporation, 36,368 people in Raipur, 21114 people in Korba, 10,921 people in Bhilai, 8420 people in Jagdalpur, 8395 people in Durg, and 7892 people in Raigarh, 6676 people in Rajnandgaon Muncipal Corporation, 6096 people in Birgaon, 4254 people in Chirmiri, 3581 people in Charoda, 1176 people in Dhamtari and 909 people in Ambikapur.
In last four months, Mobile Medical Teams have organized 3233 medical camps in 1628 slum areas of 13 Medical Corporations. In this duration, 1025 camps have been held in Bhilainagar, 759 in Durg, 349 in Raipur, 319 in Korba, 117 in Rajnandgaon, 116 in Chirmiri, 108 camps have been held in Charoda, 98 camps in Raigarh, 92 camps have been held in Bilaspur, 86 in Ambikapur, 67 in Birgaon and 67 camps in Jagdalpur and 30 health check-up camps have been held in Dhamtari Municipal Corporation.

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