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On the inclusion of Urdu language in the United Nations, a wave of happiness was celebrated by feeding sweets in the poets

There was a wave of joy when Urdu language was declared as the official language of the United Nations under the auspices of Gorakhpur Literary Society, feeding each other greetings. Addressing the program organized at the camp office of Gorakhpur Literary Society, Gorakhpur Literary Society founder and poet and social activist Minnat Gorakhpuri said that the statement of the UN Secretary General has been issued in Urdu. This is good news and in this way Urdu has become the language of the world. According to a report, 6 languages ​​English Arabic Chinese French Russian and Japanese received official language status in the United Nations and were recognized as international languages ​​by the United Nations. All the activities of the United Nations were conducted in these languages ​​and any statement was issued in these languages.
According to a report, for the first time that a message has been released in Urdu of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in this way Urdu has become the language of the United Nations. Addressing the event, Chief Guest Shamshad Alam Advocate said that Urdu language is spoken in more than 40 countries of the world. And the inclusion of it in the United Nations is a good news for those who love Urdu which should be appreciated. Special guest Syed Irshad Ahmed said that in many famous cities of America, England, France, even today Urdu newspapers come out and the magazine is printed and people read it. Addressing Metropolitan President Wasim Mazar Gorakhpuri, one of the main reasons for including Urdu language in the United Nations is its popularity. Literature lover and philanthropist Javed Ansari said that addressing this will increase the popularity of Urdu language and its propagation and spread will benefit.
Finally, the convener of the program Izzat Gorakhpuri thanked everyone.
Arshad Ahmed, Advocate Anees Ahmed, Siraj Sanu, etc. were present on the occasion.

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